Today, we look into a future challenged by two potential society-changers:  Global Climate Change and continued Population Growth. These two massive vectors are already putting a significant strain on governments and societies.  Within this global context, the nonprofit sector must find ways to adapt to meet the increasing strain on children, families and communities as they struggle to achieve and/or maintain a sustainable quality of life.

Because of these global pressures we see a nonprofit community that is at a crossroads.  Funding streams are changing or disappearing, non-traditional partnerships that once were ignored must now be explored, program approaches that once worked often no longer do, and, results once glossed over must now be clear and positive.  Even the concept of how a nonprofit is organized has to be open for discussion.

However, even with these global challenges, we live in an exciting time!  With great change come great opportunities:  opportunities to re-invent our nonprofit sector in ways we have yet to imagine.

The future defined by Global Climate Change and Population Growth will generate significant social change.  But, we in the nonprofit sector have the ability to help shape that future to meet the needs of our children, families and communities.   The future is ours to create.  So, let’s get to it.  We have work to do.

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