For nearly 40 years, John has served the nonprofit, for profit and government sectors working for children, their families, the elderly and the community. In the nonprofit sector he has seen the industry from many angles:  he has worked with United Way, served in a wide range of agency leadership positions, chaired and/or participated in numerous community collaborations, successfully developed and implemented public policy agendas and has provided consulting services to over 60 nonprofit and for profit organizations.  As John puts it:  I’ve started nonprofits; I’ve closed nonprofits; and, I’ve reorganized nonprofits.  There aren’t too many nonprofit scenarios I haven’t seen and dealt with.

A number of years ago when I worked at United Way the management team had a one-day workshop with Dr. J. Lee Whittington, the former Dean of the Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas. J. Lee focused on the concept of Servant Leadership, the belief that leadership is more about serving than being served. I was struck by the reality that we in the nonprofit sector are, in many ways, also serving in a spiritual capacity. Yes, we absolutely have to apply good business practices to our organizations, but, at our core, we are about making the world a better place for our fellow human beings.

John Ross Professional Career