No one consultant can effectively address the many complex issues that face the nonprofit community. So, I quite often work with other consultants. Listed below are some incredible fellow consultants. I can tell you that they are all deeply honest (sometimes to a fault!), pretty darn smart, truly listen to your needs, work fast and effectively, and, will strive mightily to provide you with exactly the consulting outcome you require.

Jean Block:
Jean is a nationally recognized consultant and trainer on nonprofit management, FUNdraising, board development and governance, strategic planning, and social enterprise. and

Dr. Patty Emord:
Patty is the principal consultant for Collaborative Solutions Consulting.  Collaborative Solutions thoroughly assesses organizational needs and assets, and in partnership with organizations, designs effective interventions that support learning and on-going program improvement.

Melinda Guillemette:
Melinda, founder and principal of Melinda Motivateshelps professionals improve their firms’ cultures and their individual happiness by giving them tools to communicate and lead intentionally, authentically and clearly.

Jessica Haynie:
Jessica Haynie is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Three Stones Consulting, LLC, a fundraising and philanthropy consulting firm. Three Stones’ mission is to make the world a better place by empowering the nonprofits and social enterprises that enrich our communities and by igniting the spirit of philanthropy.